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In the second quarter of this year, we conducted a survey with the largest scale so far. Thanks to the support of our business partners, we have displayed our special survey on hundreds of thousands of devices. Respondents shared with us the opinion on traditional and online sellers from eight industries. The data obtained has helped us better understand today’s consumer needs and behaviors.

The report published today (the first of eight) concerns telecommunications service providers in Poland. We have checked how Poles rate the entities operating on our market that provide mobile telephony services and access to television and the Internet. We also asked about the ease of placing orders with specific suppliers and the factors influencing the decision to buy the offer.

The Omnichannel 2018 study is also primarily an attempt to capture consumer behavior in the conditions of intertwined purchase channels. We have therefore examined the scale of the ROPO phenomenon for all eight product industries. We also checked how Poles use mobile devices in situations related to shopping in a traditional channel.

YourCX first and foremost meets the needs of Customer Experience research. Focusing on the experiences and emotions of the Clients was, therefore, a priority of the Omnichannel 2018 study. The determination of satisfaction with the services provided and the purchase process was also accompanied by the measurement of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) index, meaning the willingness to recommend specific services.

The report on telecommunications service providers is now available free of charge on our website. The next seven reports will be published every few weeks.