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Credentials: Decathlon, the largest sporting goods retailer in the world

Decathlon Polska together with YourCX team is carrying out numerous projects aimed at building positive experiences. Satisfaction of our customers is of paramount importance, so YourCX’s support for data collection and analysis is a great added value for us.

Decathlon employees use YourCX’s research in everyday work. Gathered data is needed at all levels of the organization, from operational, related to the ongoing activities, to the strategic, focused on the analysis of general trends. YourCX’s reports reach most of the departments (including communication department, Customer Service and directors of stores), as well as sub-contractors working on the development of Decathlon.pl.

By conducting regular research in various areas (from e-commerce and delivery to electronic kiosks in retail stores) we have a wide insight into the condition of our brand and the current emotions of our customers. The experience analytics provides a concrete understanding of their problems and needs and the real impact of CX on our business metrics. Thanks to the constant and long-time monitoring of satisfaction we are also able to assess the quality of input-to-date changes and respond rapidly in the event of unexpected complications, and thereby improve the satisfaction of our customers.

We highly recommend YourCX services and tools. During the collaboration we met with great professionalism and openness to our needs. We also appreciate YourCX’s flexible approach to our projects, including the initiative in making maximum use of available technology in collecting and analyzing data.

Jakub Gierszyński

Dyrektor e-commerce, Decathlon

With our tools, companies collect specific data, which is used by many departments, including management, in their day-to-day work.