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Credentials: Militaria.pl, biggest Polish firearm & outdoor e-shop

With pride and gratitude, we present credentials we received from our longtime partner: Militaria.pl.

YourCX team has been cooperating with Militaria.pl for over 10 years, helping us with research projects aimed at creating positive brand image and solving current problems. We are primarily focused on two areas: customer service and website’s UX. Within our Customer Support channels, the most important source of knowledge about the quality of service are surveys integrated within mailing, through which customers who contact us have the opportunity to evaluate the consultant. Moreover, on Militaria.pl we carry out numerous studies contextually matched to individual website areas.

Data gathered via YourCX’s tools give us knowledge that is used by us in our daily work. We treat each submission individually, verifying all entries and responding to them when necessary. Quantitative and qualitative data we gather undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of customer service quality and help us plan the development of Militaria.pl. Furthermore, constant CX monitoring allows us to relate current performance to historical data, which facilitates trend analysis.

We strongly recommend YourCX’s solutions. Their self-developed tools undoubtedly work well in the context of operational work on current issues and wider analysis of Customer Experience. YourCX is a trustworthy team of professionals, always helpful and always ready to act.

Marek Prudel

E-commerce Director, Militaria.pl

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