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References of nc+, digital satellite platform operated by Canal+ Group


Optimization of our clients’ experience in the digital channel, i.e. within the ncplus.pl website, is crucial in the process of developing NC+ services. Success in this field is achieved through the development of the platform with the direct participation of its users.

We have found support in identifying the needs of our customers in cooperation with YourCX. Using the Customer Experience research platform, we learn about the needs, problems and experiences of the users of ncplus.pl, domoplus.pl and kuchniaplus.pl services. We owe the effectiveness of our actions to proper contextual planning of the research, which covers areas most sensitive to the user’s satisfaction.

In our strategic activities we use unique benchmarks for the telecommunications market. YourCX, cooperating with a large number of partners in this segment, is able to provide information about trends and changes taking place as a whole. We are confident that data security is fully ensured and that all benchmarks are fully anonymized, so there is no risk of disclosure of any sensitive data.

Thanks to our hard work on website optimization, we have managed to maintain a stable upward trend in the average Net Promoter Score growth rate over the past year. This means that the users visiting our website are more and more satisfied, and thus willing to recommend NC+ to their friends. We owe it to YourCX support at all stages of the research project, from research design, through optimization and analysis, to reporting conclusions and recommendations.

Adam Gocała

Digital Marketing Director, ITI NEOVISION S.A.

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