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The use of CX analytics

Customer Experience

In times of rapidly changing habits it is crucial to be open on your customer, listen to their opinions and to satisfy their needs. Satisfaction has a significant impact on brand image, and meeting expectations translates directly into increased revenue. YourCX tools will let you cover all channels of contact with the brand, both offline and online.

Process Design

YourCX is great for estimation of the quality of workflow and mass processes, and helps in identifying problems and bottlenecks which can influence overall CX. That kind of research is based not only on the basis of the consumer opinions, but also studies conducted on employees. YourCX is also great for further monitoring of the stability of processes and identifying areas that require additional work.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Data gathered from involved users helps in identyfing factors affecting conversion rate. Research can be conducted in many different points at the same time, starting from homepage, product and category pages, search engine and purchase process. Structuring and supplementing data with additional parameters allows you to look at the results from the perspective of specific users, context and actions.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

No business can exist without loyal, returning customers. Experiences of your customers can be unique and have significant impact on the ovrall image of your brand. Developing an effective strategy and proper communication plan, however, requires understanding of their needs and intentions. Developing research aimed at loyal customers allows you to maximize their lifetime value (LTV) and increase their desire to recommend your brand.

Ad Hoc Research

Apart from continuous research there are often needs of getting data about specific problem in a short amount of time. Such studies can cover various issues, from testing new or changed functionality, gathering data for a new promotional campaign,  or even during A/B tests during the introduction of broader changes in the online services or mobile applications. With YourCX you can quickly implement this type of research and flexibly adapt it to a specific target group.

Lowering the Costs of Support and Assistance

Customer service quality has great impact on consumer satisfaction and brand image. However, maintaining complex infrastrukcture and personel may require significant amounts of money. and inefficient operating CX may result in negative customer experience. YourCX can represent an additional channel of contact, collecting opinions, observations, suggestions and comments without direct participation of a consultant. In addition to relieving the consultants, YourCX is great in identification of issues related to customer service, which eventually translates into lower maintenance costs. 

YourCX offers a complementary set of tools for the data gathering, analysis and segmentation, with the full support of specialists and researchers.