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How YourCX tools support
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Optimization of the brand’s NPS

Customer loyalty is one of the key indicators influencing the company’s growth. Customer Experience surveys with a sharp measurement of loyalty in the form of Net Promoter Score (NPS) allow you to keep track of customer sentiments, learn about the causes of evaluations and make the right decisions to improve loyalty. Weighted NPS indicator enables constant monitoring of brand condition with segmentation by key business groups.

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Studies on the impact of experience on finance

Loyalty, retention, and willingness to recommend a company are sensitive to numerous factors, therefore their optimization should take into account the emotional context of any contacts with the brand. YourCX research allows you to monitor a customer’s purchasing path through online, offline and mobile channels, as well as to measure the impact of specific experiences on finances. We also monitor user activities by collecting data on conversion postponed by months into the future.

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Convenient results reporting 

Swobodny przepływ informacji dotyczących doświadczeń Klientów jest podstawą w procesie wdrożenia efektywnej strategii customer-centric w organizacji. W realizację większych projektów badawczych zaangażowanych jest szereg różnych działów, w związku z czym przygotowaliśmy zestaw rozwiązań ułatwiających przygotowywanie podsumowań ich efektów pracy w formie czytelnych dashboardów i raportów zarządczych.

Here you can find examples of data reporting solutions.


Guaranteed data security

At YourCX we take great care of the sensitive data of our partners. We approach each project individually, ensuring that all legal and technical requirements related to privacy and security are met. We develop our tool completely independently, thanks to which we have full control over it. The platform code is placed on secure servers, to which no one unauthorized has access. We also enable the full installation of the platform on the Client’s servers.

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Solutions for every industry

Whether you work in e-commerce, dating service or travel agency, Customer Experience research will help you build lasting relationships with your customers. Thanks to the acquired data, you will identify problems and verify the effectiveness of actions aimed at experience optimization. YourCX solutions will work well in any industry. We already operate in the telecommunications and banking sectors, e-commerce services and cinema networks, optimizing experiences in online and traditional channels.

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Our Clients praise our professionalism and flexible approach in the implementation of CX research projects. Choose the service package that suits your needs and see for yourself!

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CX research

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NPS score

Due to the widespread use of the Net Promoter Score around the world, many myths and misunderstandings have arisen. Undoubtedly, the greatest benefits can only be achieved through thoughtful segmentation of data.

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