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Consumer habits are changing rapidly, their requirements are growing. Half will change their service provider after bad experiences. Most of them will do so many times over the course of their lives.

Building relationships in the telecommunications industry

Sales and retention

YourCX research is more than just online analytics. We answer the question: “why is this happening?” By combining declarative (questionnaires) data with the appropriate context (paths, behaviors, conversions) we get a full picture of consumer experiences. Hard data and thoughtful analyses are the sources of useful knowledge on the basis of which you can strengthen relationships with existing subscribers and attract new customers.

We also offer unique benchmarks for the telecommunications industry, including online site evaluation, UX problems, purchasing processes, reasons for leaving the site, Customer Service quality and more. These are just examples of data that our Clients can refer to in the context of the situation on the market. Thanks to this data, we know, for example, whether data fluctuations in quantitative indicators result from specific actions of a given entity, or maybe from reasons beyond our control.

The processes proposed by YourCX involve continuous operational work on the quality of the online service and other areas related to service and the provision of telecommunications services. Identification of current problems such as technical errors, shortcomings in offer descriptions or problems with achieving the goals of visits is just an example of the possibilities related to the process of crossing CX information with contextual data on paths, conversions, and behaviors.

Quality of Customer Service

The optimization of experiences is primarily based on the monitoring of strengths and weaknesses of customer service. The collected information allows to determine the ease of meeting various goals, including finding help. Furthermore, quantitative and qualitative indicators allow estimating the general condition of the Customer Service Center: courtesy and competence of consultants, waiting time for obtaining help and other factors. We implement these goals by means of research carried out after contacting a consultant in any customer service channel (livechat, chatbot, phone, e-mail, SMS, and others).

Customer Service quality can be referenced in benchmarks, not only related to a broader market context but also internal. The assessments of individual consultants can be the basis for the bonus system. It also gives better opportunities to assess the quality of work, including in the relation to minimum acceptable quality indicators, as well as to determine effective solutions and replicate good practices.

YourCX research is also useful in the process of responding to problems, preventing their escalation and negating the effects of negative experiences. It is also practical knowledge in terms of employee training.

What else is worth studying?

The YourCX platform allows you to manage experiences in the context of various processes, including payment processes for telecommunications services: ease of payment through different methods, preferences related to managing account, services, and invoices. Knowledge of this subject is in the subscribers’ experiences and heads, all you need to do is ask for it!

YourCX research fits perfectly into multichannel processes, including the optimization of service quality at stationary points. It is also an opportunity to identify effective solutions and duplicate good practices, including through the use of internal and market benchmarks.

YourCX solutions are also great in the context of monitoring current trends, dynamically changing habits, needs and behaviors of consumers. Thanks to market research, you will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, as well as assess the individual business aspects of other entities operating in the industry and beyond. We also carry out research on preferences and behaviors related to the choice of the offer and use of services.

Monitor Customer Experience, contact us!

How YourCX helps telecommunications service providers?

We conduct Customer Experience analysis in various areas, from online sales and service management platforms, to traditional customer service channels. Declarative data is supplemented with contextual data, we integrate with internal CRM systems, and prepare individual reports. Thanks to CX research our Clients understand better the needs, problems and behavior of their subscribers. Telecommunications companies also receive access to unique benchmarks with average industry results, thanks to which they are able to relate their own observations to a wider context. If you want to meet the expectations of the modern consumer by establishing a permanent contact channel, contact us!

„(…) We received full support in all stages of CX/UX projects realization. YourCX team is always helpful, active and ready to face problems and dilemmas. They also proved themselves in the field of current evaluation and data analysis.  (…)”

„(…) YourCX provided us with specific solutions thanks to which we received practical usability recommendations and industry benchmarks, as well as advanced analysis of conversions and user behavior. (…)”

As part of our services, we offer, among others:

A set of research tools allowing to carry out continuous research and A/B tests at key points of contact with the brand, both online (online service, mobile application) and offline (service points).

Research on any processes, including purchases (abandoning the cart, leaving the website), payments, offers, contact with CS, purchase of additional services, account management.

Research distribution mechanisms tailored to sensitive areas such as the purchase process, offer and products, promotional and marketing campaigns, account management and more.

Omnichannel approach: ROPO effect, revROPO, influence of channels on each other, geolocation, building the profile of the respondent between channels, market and competition research, the impact of offline experiences on online.

Analyzes of the impact of emotions and experiences on business indicators, including sales, retention, re-visits. Unique benchmarks for the telecommunications industry broken down into specific problems and key indicators.

Any integrations: CRM / ERP, analytical tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), multi-dimensional analysis, paths and conversion analysis, responsive dashboards and regular reports.

Our Clients praise our professionalism and flexible approach in the implementation of CX research projects. Choose the service package that suits your needs and see for yourself!