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Core Team Members

Piotr Wojnarowicz

Project Manager in IT and e-commerce, business consultant and MBA graduate. For many years associated with the IT industry. Co-author of YourCX research platform, originator of many of the advanced research products, developer of international e-commerce platforms.

Urszula Wojnarowicz
Head of Analytics

A graduate of the University of Wroclaw, data analyst, and expert in the field of Internet marketing. For many years connected with the Internet industry and CX research. Coordinator of YourCX research projects. She knows when and what to ask to get useful results.

How do we work?

YourCX is a team of enthusiasts who strive to satisfy our Clients and spread positive ideas related to improving Customer Experience. We are here because we would like to live in a world where the relationship with the customer is built through high quality of services and real trust supported by real actions. As part of a single platform, we integrate research and analytical mechanisms, all created in-house by our team. We designate the development directions of the platform in accordance with the needs of our Clients and the availability of new technological solutions. We draw inspiration from global leaders in Customer Experience research and web analytics.

Who we operate for?

YourCX means the small team and big Clients. Our offer is adapted to the needs of large entities and corporations as well as smaller companies. In our portfolio, you will find players from various industries, from online marketers, banks, telecommunications service providers, to travel agencies and cinema chains. We have developed solutions for various research goals and problems, but we are also ready for new challenges.

If you want to know more, you can check our case studies and credentials!

Where are we from?

YourCX is a modern company for a modern Client. We are from all over Poland, including Wroclaw, Lodz, and Warsaw. Our team consists of enthusiasts, who are not afraid of Mondays or work after hours. This does not mean, however, that we put the work above everything else! We do what we do with pleasure, and thanks to working in the remote formula we manage to find time for our other passions, friends, and family.

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Our selected Clients

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YourCX sp. z o.o.

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