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Customer statements browser

You can view customer statements for each question in each survey in real time. The results are easily accessible within a few clicks. Statements can be filtered by any additional data, e.g. to read the statements of customers in individual brick-and-mortar stores or visitors to selected subpages of the website.

Quick tagging of statements

Analyzing raw open data is useful, but if you need to prepare a report summarizing statements, you need to tag or categorize statements. The YourCX platform provides a solution for sampling statements and quick tagging to make the process as research-friendly and effective as possible.

Automatic part of speech analysis

In order to quickly analyze the issues that respondents write about, it is worth using automatic analysis of parts of speech in statements to extract the main nouns and topics, adjectives and adverbs describing them, as well as the most important phrases.

Configurable text analysis models

The YourCX platform provides automation of the analysis and categorization of customer statements by two methods - fully automatic, in which the algorithm itself decides on the assignment of categories, and semi-automatic, in which it is possible to indicate to the algorithms the words and topics around which the categories are to be built. Automatic analysis significantly speeds up the strategic analysis of statements.

Open-ended questions visualizations

A picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing appeals to the imagination as well as a graphical representation of the analysis of statements. Word cloudy graphically show verbs, noun phrases or word associations, while ranking charts show changes in the frequency of particular parts of speech or categories. Classic charts are also useful for showing changes in shares among the results of the categories assigned to the responses.

Full support for multiply languages

Many researches are conducted in multiple languages. YourCX mechanisms allow you to automatically detect the language of the statement, and then automatically analyze the statement depending on the language.

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