Our team - YourCX

How we work?

YourCX is first and foremost a team of passionate people who take as their main goal spreading positive ideas related to improving the consumer experience. We also do everything we can to support business clients in the processes of optimizing consumer satisfaction. After all, we would like to live in a world where customer relationships are built through quality service and trust backed by real action. 

Who do we work for?

YourCX is a small team and large clients. However, our offer is tailored to the needs of large entities and corporations as well as smaller companies. In our portfolio of business clients, you will find players from all sorts of industries, from online retailers, banks and telecom service providers to travel agencies and cinema chains. We have developed solutions for various research purposes and problems, but we are also ready for new challenges.

Where are we from?

YourCX is a modern company for a modern client. We are located in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Zielona Gora. Our team consists of passionate people who are not afraid of Mondays or working after hours. This does not mean, however, that we put work above everything else - we do what we do with pleasure, and by working remotely we find time for our own passions, friends and family.

Meet YourCX TeamCX

Piotr Wojnarowicz

IT project manager, e-commerce, business consultant, and MBA graduate. He has been involved in the IT and Internet industry for many years. Co-founder of YourCX research platform, originator of many advanced research products; previously developed international e-commerce platforms.

Dominik Urban

Head of Development
He leads the development of the YourCX analytics platform for the short and long-term needs of clients. Surprises colleagues with unconventional ideas every day. Enthusiast of healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and debunking nutrition myths.

Destina Sławińska

Customer Success Manager
Graduate of sociology and image communication at the University of Wroclaw. For years she has been involved in the IT industry, especially in the area of marketing and sales. Privately a lover of distant travels and wild animals.
Team 6

Jarosław Furmanek

Fullstack Developer
Developer of the YourCX platform. Expert of the Laravel framework. Optimization geek and seeker of the best UI/UX solutions. Automotive and fantasy are his hors d'oeuvres.

Urszula Wojnarowicz

Head of Analytics
A graduate of the University of Wroclaw, she is a data analyst and Internet marketing specialist. She has been involved in the Internet and research industry for many years. Author of most research reports for YourCX clients. 

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