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One tool to survey everyone

Comprehensive research solution - reach any way you want, analyze the data, and deliver insights to decision makers

The YourCX platform allows you to conduct surveys that look and feel any way you want, designing any logic to best suit the purpose of the survey. Available analysis methods will instantly let you know the results and answers to questions, while diverse data distribution methods such as alerts, dashboards, reports and integrations via APIs provide tailored access to data and conclusions

Any way to conduct surveys - on the website, on the mobile app, by email, by text message

Surveys, depending on the purpose and the target group under study, can be distributed on a website, in a mobile app, but also via email, SMS or through QR codes. Regardless of the target group and the point of contact analyzed, the method of survey distribution can be adjusted

Any type of question - single-choice, multiple-choice, matrix, rating, images, video and more

Depending on the research needs, the panel provides a range of different types of questions - single-choice, multiple-choice, matrix, rating, slider and many others with the additional possibility of inserting any graphics, animation or video.

Any survey design

Paging, conditional displays, question grouping, dynamic content change are examples of mechanisms that will allow you to prepare any designed survey. Even if you have a custom need, the direct CSS / JS editing capability allows you to achieve any shape of the survey.

No limitations

A scalable platform that allows you to conduct any number of surveys with any number of displays and completions is at your fingertips. Anything is possible to change the look, design, distribute surveys and then analyze the data.

Complete survey management straight from the platform

On-page surveys can be implemented with minimal support from the IT department. All you need to do is to insert a short code, while the subsequent configuration of survey display locations, targeting by parameters or behavioral history is done directly in YourCX platform. You can instantly change display conditions, additional invitations or capping in order to make the survey best suited to your audience.

Development of the platform according to the needs of the partners

We actively listen to the needs of our customers, so we constantly adjust the mechanisms we develop to meet customer expectations. Non-standard needs, specific integration, innovative approaches to data analysis are not a problem for us - actively developing the platform we will add the necessary mechanisms.

Third-party integrations

Although the platform allows to implement any research scenarios, there are situations when it is good to supplement the results with additional parameters or feed the reports with data from other, external studies. The platform allows import of any tabular data, as well as export via spreadsheets or API.

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