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Notifications about everything important to you in research results

Notifications about survey completions

Do you need to know about situations when customers are dissatisfied for specific reasons? The YourCX platform will provide notification of such a situation right away, and you will be able to react quickly to the problem.

Trend notifications

Current results often fluctuate within a certain range. In such a case, not only feedback on specific problems is important, but also changes in trends. Thanks to the analysis of trends, you will learn about changes that are important in the long term.

Information as quickly and often as you need

The platform gives full possibility to configure the list of recipients and the frequency of sending. You can receive notifications immediately after the appearance of information or changes in trends, you can also receive cyclically, such as once an hour, once a day or a week. You have full control over the frequency of shipments.

Full context of the issue

Notifications have a configurable range of data. You can specify whether you want to receive only the information that triggers the notification, or whether you want to receive answers from additional questions or segments that will be useful for quick analysis.

Create tasks based on notifications

In the rush of notifications, some important matters can be missed. The solution to this problem is the ability to automatically create tasks based on selected notifications that are assigned a specific response time, business owner and process. Thanks to this, you will be sure that such important matters will not be overlooked.

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