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Optimize satisfaction and Customer Service, and measure the impact of negative experiences on conversion!

Know your Customers’ needs

Identify problems and their impact on sales, conversion rates, and other business indicators. Know your Customers’ goals and needs, learn where they come from and how they behave. Capture and respond to problems so your business can grow faster than ever! Regardless of the channel (online, offline, mobile), you gain comprehensive reviews of your business with complete set of analytical data.

Use proven solutions

Marketing research, sales, logistics and delivery, e-commerce processes, Customer Service, retail experiences… we have solutions for all research scenarios! Discover the most important trends, and for the most important areas get down to the lowest level of a single problem so you can react immediately. YourCX as one platform offers many possibilities.

Capture the full context

Regardless of the type of research conducted, you will know the full context of the feedback you have received. We collect data on where they come from, how often they visit and buy, what they are looking for, what they saw during the visit, how did they feel at the time and if they would recommend your brand. Only knowing the full context you can make the right decisions.

Turn knowledge into business

In our research, we have shown that increase of the desire to recommend (NPS) by 5 points increases revenues by up to 1.2%. How does it look in your case? By integrating feedback with a full context and event analytics, you’ll learn what’s best for your KPIs and conversion rates.

Refer to market trends

Falling results does not necessarily mean problems. We offer unique benchmarks that you will not find anywhere else. Help them find out how quality indicators change in the market. By comparing, you will verify whether the observed changes are only a result of your actions or your competition.

Optimize Customer Experience

Collect and analyze feedback, get to know your customers, and then react. Involve your clients in building new positive memories. Improving experiences in key areas has a strong influence on loyalty and willingness to return, and remarketing directed to the most satisfied will help you reach those who buy more willingly.

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“(…) We recommend YourCX tools and services first and foremost because of competence, reliability and professionalism in supporting Play’s Customer Experience optimization strategy. (…)”

“(…) Gathered data is used at all levels of the organization, from operational, related to the ongoing activities, to the strategic, focused on the analysis of general trends.  (…)”

How do we do that?

Within a single platform we integrate research, feedback and event management mechanisms. The platform is being developed in line with the changing needs of our Clients and the availability of new technological solutions. Declarative data, obtained through surveys, is always linked to contextual data (paths, conversions, technical information). You won’t find more complementary research solutions.

For whom do we work?

YourCX offer is tailored to the needs of large corporations, as well as smaller companies, including emerging e-commerce platforms. Among our Clients are companies from various industries, from online retailers and omnichannel players, through travel and entertainment services, to banking and B2B. We investigate various processes (i.e. sales, delivery, customer service) at all brand contact points (online, offline, mobile). We have developed solutions for various research purposes and problems, but we are also ready for new challenges. Using our tools directly translates into increased revenue and improved brand image.

Why CX research?

It is all about the consumers’ good, their comfort, and contentment. We educate businesses how important it is to continually monitor customers’ behavior and to take into account the rapid development of technology and its impact on social life. Direct contact with consumers and CX research is crucial to understand people’s expectations and needs. We give you tools and solutions that will help you understand what you can do to earn their trust. These actions will translate into the profitability and efficiency of your business.

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You want to get a comprehensive look at your Customers? Do you have non-standard integration needs? We are here for you!