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Full path of the respondent's journey through the site

Respondents on pages completing surveys sometimes write about experiences from previous pages, rather than the current one. The full path of the site's journey allows you to create an accurate picture of the experience before completing the survey, and thus better understand the intent, problem and needs.

Impact of experience on conversion

Users visit sites as well as web applications to complete a goal. For any manager, it is important to determine how much of the customers are achieving their goals depending on the original goal, which potentially stood in the way of achieving the goal. This will allow better optimization of the site for goals relevant to users as well as the business.

Postponed decisions vs. experiences

Customers interacting with a brand change their behavior based on experience. However, to what extent does behavior change occur? Do they buy more often after a positive experience, or do they just visit more often. The YourCX platform allows you to check and calculate the specific impact regardless of whether the experience was online or offline.

See what the customer - Screenshot of the page

Customers seeing a problem are eager to share information about it. However, the description may not necessarily be precise enough and relevant enough to take action. Therefore, it is possible to supplement the study with a screenshot of the page, as a picture can be worth more than a thousand words.

Full context of activities

Survey respondents, just like any other user of the site, use specific devices, browsers, come from other sources. The YourCX platform automatically collects all technical data, sources of visits and many other parameters available during a user's visit in order to more accurately analyze the collected results.

Integration with customer's systems

Surveys running on the website or in the application are just a part of a larger analytical puzzle. Flexible mechanisms allow to easily launch surveys via Tag Manager, integrate them with e.g. dataLayer, or send any number of parameters describing respondent or visit. The results from surveys can also be automatically fed into the analytical tool via, for example, dataLayer.

A complete solution for all teams

A broad view of the possibilities around research allows the results collected to be used by any department. A web analyst, digital marketer, UX specialist as well as product management department will find interesting information here. Anyone using a slice of the possibilities and collected data will find useful consumer insights.

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