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Understanding customers at every stage of the journey

Each customer is different, each has a different goal, need, and is at a different stage of finding a solution to their problem. The YourCX platform will allow you to reach each customer with a survey tailored to the customer's context, so you can fully understand your customers' needs.

Build a complete picture of satisfaction and behavior by combining data from multiple sources

Knowledge about customers is not only survey declarations, but also information about their behavior and habits. By combining data from multiple surveys, events from the website and the mobile app, it is possible to present a complete picture of customer satisfaction.

Engaging all colleagues to understand the customer experience

The YourCX platform allows all colleagues to participate in the customer experience optimization process. Everyone, depending on their needs, can receive tailored notifications, reports, dashboards or have access to the appropriate range of information.

Taking measures to take care of a high level of experience

Monitoring and analyzing experiences is one thing, however, taking action is also important. We support responsiveness by being able to create cases based on requests, close the feedback loop, respond to feedback, and provide tailored reports to decision makers.

Analysis of the impact of experience on business indicators

The goal of Customer Experience projects is to improve the customer experience. However, changes in processes and customer service should ultimately translate into improved business metrics. The YourCX platform makes it easy to determine the impact of experience and survey results on revenue and calculate CX ROI.

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