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Problems in mobile apps

Mobile app surveys are becoming increasingly popular and can provide valuable information about user preferences and how they use apps. The YourCX platform works very well for mobile app surveys, which you can implement through a button within the platform directing you to the survey. You will ask users about the purpose of using the app and the ease of doing so, as well as suggestions for improvements and features. Depending on the nature of the app, you can also include any segmentation or demographic questions in the questionnaire, which will help you better understand the needs of its audience.
Can such solutions replace the much more expensive focus group research? Definitely yes. The YourCX team's experience to date with mobile application research, where traditional research was also conducted under controlled conditions, shows that the conclusions drawn from them are similar. In addition, digitally executed research provides real data on the needs of app users, not just feedback on navigation and usability.
You can also carry out mobile app surveys via push notifications or independently rendered by communicating with us via API. Thanks to the possibility of precise targeting of such surveys you will reach the audience groups whose opinion interests you the most at a given moment, e.g. based on demographics or app usage. For example, if it also serves as a loyalty card, you can target members with surveys with the help of which you will learn more about their expectations.
When conducting surveys in mobile apps, it is good to pay attention to several important issues:

- Choosing the right moment to conduct the survey - It is best to choose a moment when the user is active and using the app. Do not interrupt the user while he or she is performing important activities, such as making a purchase or viewing content. It's best to conduct after the process is complete, or if the user has been in the process too long

- Appropriate survey length - The length of the survey should be tailored to the amount of time the user spends using the app. The shorter the survey, the greater the chance that the user will complete it to the end.

- Attractive survey design - Mobile apps tend to be visually appealing, and the survey should be designed the same way. It is important to use an appropriate color scheme and layout that is consistent with the rest of the app.

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