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Stationary store rating against the background of competition

Evaluating a stationary store against the competition is an important part of doing business. Consumers have a lot of choice, and the level of competition in many industries is high. Therefore, in order to stay in business and increase profits, a store must not only provide high quality products, but also offer an exceptional customer experience.
The rating of a stationary store can be determined by surveying customers' opinions of the store. These surveys can cover various aspects, such as the quality of products, the level of customer service, the speed of order processing, etc.
There is no single ideal way to gather information about customer experience in stationary stores. Depending on the specifics of the store, the industry and the goals of the study, it makes sense to choose several methods that will best answer specific research questions. Each of these methods is supported by the YourCX platform.
Surveys can be approached in a number of ways, some of which include:

- Surveys, which can be available in the form of URLs or QR codes to all store visitors.

- Post-purchase research on receipts or in the form of flyers at checkout counters to reach shoppers

- Post-purchase surveys among loyalty program users. If the store has a loyalty program, contact information can be used to send a survey via email or text message to customers who have bought products from the store.

- Customer reviews of the store can also be found on social networks or on maps, such as Google maps, which are used by a great many customers

When conducting own-store research, it is also worthwhile to gain knowledge about the competition. In self-store research you can ask about issues related to competitors, also it is worth monitoring competitors in places where there are most such opinions, such as Google maps. Manual monitoring is not a convenient solution, and one possible solution is to use the capabilities of the YourCX platform, which allows you to monitor any number of your own and competitors' business cards.

Having data on own and competitor salons, it is possible to automatically compare results taking into account the full geographic structure, determining areas where better and worse results are achieved (using automation of statement processing), so you can quickly and efficiently prioritize actions.

Knowledge acquisition is only the first step in the overall process. The next is proper automated analysis that captures the most relevant problems and issues, as well as distribution of the acquired knowledge to the right decision makers. It is important to monitor key quality parameters and immediately notify when limit values are exceeded, changes that are too dynamic, or differences from competitors are too large. In all these issues, the YourCX platform also fully supports recipients.

Additional information on solutions for stationary sales networks can be found at this address. Also get an overview of retail research possibilities.

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