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Do you know what customers think of your stationary stores?

Collect data from any digitized channels

Reach customers visiting stationary salons regardless of what they do. Dedicated post-purchase surveys, loyalty program integration, click & collect, QR codes allow you to reach every group of salon visitors and learn about the experience regarding each process. Then integrate the results and analyze together to get the full picture.

Execute research at the right time through the right channel

Depending on the group of customers you want to reach, you should choose the appropriate communication channel. Sometimes it will be an email after a purchase, other times it will be an SMS or push on a mobile app, so that the customer can complete the survey at the most convenient time. Read more about proper retail feedback analysis and surveying.

External data sources

In addition to conducting direct surveys among customers, it is also worthwhile to observe additional external sources of opinion such as maps. The YourCX platform allows you to monitor the opinions of your own and competitors' salons without quantitative limitations in real time.

Tie the impact of in-store experiences to online activities

By integrating desktop showroom research with website research capabilities, it is possible to quickly determine the impact of the desktop showroom experience on online sales. This makes it possible to directly determine the penetration of sales channels.

Respond quickly to emerging business needs

The only constant thing is change. The market situation changes dynamically, new processes emerge, customer expectations, competitors' actions. The platform gives the possibility to dynamically modify the running research to gain knowledge and react as soon as possible. Complementing the whole with alerts, dashboards and ad-hoc reports, sales network managers can keep their hand on the pulse constantly.

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