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Supplement respondents' declarations with behaviors on the site

Behavior on the website during the visit

Respondents go through many pages of websites when visiting services. The addresses of the visited subpages are automatically recorded, as well as additional events that may have occurred on the site (e.g., a purchase with additional parameters (e.g., cart value).

Information about any events on the site

In addition to automatically recorded events, it is possible to submit any other business-relevant events. This allows for better construction of the respondent profile as well as analysis of the impact of the experience on the actions taken by customers on the site resulting in expected events during the visit as well as in the following months.

Flow analysis

Full analytical data on the pages visited by respondents gives the ability to see for any given sub-page or type of sub-page what sub-pages were visited before and what pages were visited afterwards with full filtering and segmentation included

Segmentation of analytical data by survey responses

Both path and event data can be analyzed in any way. Not only can you look at them in general, but you can also filter out specific groups or, for example, segment them by the purpose of the visit. This allows for quick comparative analysis of behavior between users with different needs.

Conversion analytics

Automatically collected data regarding visited subpages or events on the pages are related to the completion of the research. This allows you to quickly determine the value of any conversions defined as reaching a subpage or taking an action due to any qualitative factor. This gives you the opportunity to determine the ROI for CX activities.

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