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A complete picture of the situation regarding store sales

Full support to survey customers of stationary stores

YourCX platform is a comprehensive solution for researching customers of stores and stationary showrooms, thanks to which you can conduct any digital research at any scale, regardless of the number of stores. Click&collect surveys, loyalty program customer surveys, surveys via QR code or automatic data acquisition from external sources, such as Google maps, will allow you to fully understand the real factors shaping the experience in individual stores.

Fully understand the needs and factors that influence customer decision-making

By integrating data from multiple sources, you will get a complete picture of the situation, allowing you to automatically capture emerging issues and the factors that customers mention most often. This will allow you to quickly take action on what matters most to customers.

Analyzing the impact of store experiences on online activities

By integrating desktop showroom research with website research capabilities, it is possible to quickly determine the impact of the desktop showroom experience on online sales. This makes it possible to directly determine the penetration of sales channels.

Automatic analysis of customer statements

The large number of opinions left can, on the one hand, be difficult to analyze independently, but using mechanisms for automatic processing of statements that autonomously extract relevant areas, assign a category and evaluate sentiment makes it much easier to draw conclusions and take action, along with full consideration of the territorial structure of stationary stores.

A complete picture tailored to each individual's needs

The needs of each person associated with a stationary sales network are different. We tailor real-time dashboards, strategic reports, operational reports or alerts informing about emerging problems immediately. The whole system is fully adapted to the organizational structure of the sales network.

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