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Research as part of a larger ecosystem

Import of results and additional data

The YourCX platform can be your hub of information from all sorts of studies, including those conducted outside the platform. Flexible data importer allows you to periodically load results from other surveys. Also it is possible to supplement the collected results with data additionally describing, for example, respondents obtained from CRM.

Data Exports

If your data analysis center is your own Business Intelitegence system, and you want the results from your research to be part of a larger whole, you can easily export any configured data sets to xlsx files. Also, the platform provides support in repetitive exports giving you the ability to create export templates.

Integration via API

If you continuously want to use the results of your research and additional data collected with them, the best way is to integrate with the YourCX platform through a flexible API. The constantly evolving API provides constant access to all the information you can use in your own analytical systems.

Microsoft Active Directory and other SSO

Integrations involve not only data transfer, but also advanced authorization mechanisms. By integrating with your authorization system, it is possible to realize Single Sign On and better control over permissions as well as access to the platform. An example is integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

Other integration mechanisms

YourCX platform is constantly being developed and therefore we are open to integrations with any other systems. If you just needed to integrate your research with your own BI, CRM, analytics, marketing automation platform or any other system, we are open and ready.

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