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All the information you need delivered in a tailored way

The data you need, at your fingertips

In the busyness of business, there is always not enough time to take a solid look at the data and analyze it. Tailor-made dashboards present the most important indicators, NPS, North Star Metrics or other relevant metrics on a single screen. All it takes is a few minutes a day with a dashboard tailored to your business area to efficiently use the results of your research and the feedback you collect.

Dynamic data change

Dashboards contain predefined ranges and cross sections of data that are relevant to the recipient. However, nothing prevents you from switching to another store's data, another range of data or filtering it further. The data will dynamically reload showing what you need.

Data from multiple sources

For efficient decision-making, those in charge of specific business areas need data from many sources. This can include various surveys, analytical data, sales data. Dashboards can present and combine data from multiple sources to show what is most relevant on one screen.

Any number of dashboards

The YourCX platform supports the creation of any number of dashboards, and dashboard templates can be prepared for recurring patterns. This makes it even faster and easier to create and manage dashboards for subsequent business units. You're provided a fully scalable solution.

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