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Single solution to fully survey customers

One solution to conduct any research

No matter what type of research you need to conduct, the YourCX platform will offer the right solution. Diverse online research scenarios, desktop showroom research, mobile app research? You can launch without a problem. Need to integrate the whole thing with research results from other platforms? This, too, can be implemented very quickly.

Flexible research platform to create any study you want

Just as no two snowflakes are identical, no two studies are identical. Each has a different objective, different questions, and requires a different configuration. YourCX platform allows you to add any type of question (for example, NPS, CES, SUS), any survey configuration through skip logic, action logic or dynamic content. In addition, it is possible to add code defining individual logic and appearance of the survey. Each survey element is configurable.

Data analysis mechanisms

Proper sourcing of results and data is only the first step. The next is proper data analysis in which YourCX platform supports you at every step. You have access to aggregate analysis, multidimensional analysis, raw data. The whole is supported by the ability to segment and filter through any data. In multilingual surveys, additionally, data from each language can be treated separately. Customer statements are also automatically analyzed to speed up the process of gaining insights.

Integration via API

The survey platform is one component of an overall system for analyzing and using data. We integrate with external data processing tools, which allows for immediate export and import of all collected results - depending on your preference, the YourCX panel can become the main analytical tool or it can be just a component integrated with the partner's internal systems.

Rapid deployments without the need to involve the IT department

Many times the implementation of online surveys involves the IT department. Specialists on the YourCX team are able to help with survey implementations and even perform them themselves through advanced in-house survey targeting mechanisms or in partner tools such as Tag Manager.

Full support in test setup, implementations, analysis, platform development

An experienced team of experts throughout the project provides substantive and technical support and suggests the best and proven research solutions. If you don't have enough internal resources to go through each stage of the project on your own, we will be happy to help.

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