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Automatic analysis of customer statements

Customer service surveys are a veritable goldmine of knowledge about customers' needs and problems. However, manual analysis of all customer statements can be problematic and time-consuming, so the YourCX platform fully supports in their automatic analysis. Our mechanisms independently extract the relevant areas, assign a category and evaluate the sentiment make it much easier to draw conclusions and take action.

Matching all communication channels: email, livechat, sms

Customers contact the company through all possible channels - by email, via livechat on the website, by phone, on social media or in person at a stationary salon. Regardless of how the customer got help, it is useful to find out whether the customer is satisfied with the handling of the matter. The YourCX platform provides methods to tailor the delivery of the survey appropriately to the method of customer service contact.

Integration via API with CRM

The survey platform is one component of an overall system for data analysis and use. We integrate with external tools such as CRM to be able to link the collected survey results to specific individuals in CRM, allowing for operational use of the data and potential remedial actions.

Analysis of the impact of experience on business indicators

The goal of Customer Experience projects is to improve the customer experience. However, changes in processes and customer service should ultimately translate into improved business metrics. The YourCX platform makes it easy to determine the impact of experience and research results on revenue and calculate the ROI of CX activities to justify the investment in the best possible customer service.

Analysis of respondents' behavior and the impact of behavior on needs and problems

Customers interacting with a brand change their behavior based on experience. However, to what extent does behavior change occur? Do they buy more often after a positive experience, or do they just visit more often. The YourCX platform allows you to check and calculate the specific impact regardless of whether the experience was online or offline.

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