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Have control over the results collected

General analysis of results

The YourCX platform provides constant access to results updated in real time. Regardless of the number of studies or complexity, you have full ability to filter, segment and analyze the data from as many angles as you need. The platform allows you to customize the default analysis parameters so that you can use the most common analysis configurations as easily as possible.

Multidimensional analyses

Multidimensional analysis allows you to collate all the data available in the survey - responses, technical data, visit data, custom parameters - and then process and analyze them in an accessible way.

Filtering by any data

Any information associated with a respondent's survey completion can be used as a filter. This is ideal in terms of analysis for selected subsets of data.

Any segmentation of results

Just as with filtering, any information collected can be used to further break down the data, i.e. segmentation. In this way, you can instantly compare results for individual parameter values and find the ones of most interest.

Full support for multilingualism

The platform supports multilingualism in surveys at multiple levels. A survey can be implemented in multiple languages with the ability for the respondent to change the language, as well as at the data level it is possible to filter out results in a specific language and analyze them. Also, it is possible to automatically translate respondents' statements into a language known by analysts.

Data Exports

Need to analyze data in your own tool or archive it? No problem - the YourCX platform provides mechanisms to export any configured data sets in a way that makes the operation as easy as possible. Prepared automation allows you to repeat exports in the course of a few clicks.

Integrations via API

We are open to exchanging data with external tools to leverage them in partners' business processes. Whether you need to continuously download results to a data warehouse or CRM, or you need to supplement your results with additional data with us, the REST API will make it easy to integrate.

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