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Find out the reasons for abandoning the purchasing process

YourCX platform provides dedicated surveys for analyzing the causes of purchase process abandonment. The survey's method of operation is tailored to various potential scenarios of shopping process abandonment (or any other business process).
To investigate the causes of abandonment of the purchase process in an online store, several methods can be used:

- Determining the scale of the problem, that is, using analytical data: Online stores often collect information about user behavior on their website. Data on the number of visits to the site, the time spent on the site, the number of products added to the shopping cart and the number of completed transactions can be examined. Analyzing this data can help identify the stages in the shopping process where customers are most likely to abandon purchases. This type of approach will answer the question: how many abandonments there are.
- User testing can help identify problems with an online store's interface that may cause shopping cart abandonment. For example, user testing can reveal that the shopping process is too complicated or that customers can't find the product information they need. This allows for qualitative verification of hypotheses, but is not scalable.

- Surveys, which are conducted among users who can be presumed to have abandoned the buying process have abandoned the buying process as long as they are still on the site. Such surveys allow you to answer not only why they abandon, but also what further intentions they have or what would make them return.

Each method answers a different question and provides different types of information, so it is best to use all of them complementing each other with the information provided from them.
The YourCX platform also provides automatic linking of survey results to user behavioral data on site traffic, re-visits, purchases and even clicked items. This makes it possible to perform conversion analysis, or the impact of experiences on business. You'll learn to what extent individual issues affect sales, which ones decrease conversions the most, and which ones are best addressed as soon as possible. An example analysis in its simplest form might look like this:

You can read more about the use of conversion analytics in determining the strongest influencers and potential prioritization of tasks at the following link.

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