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Deliver tailored and automated analysis to all stakeholders

Summary results

The YourCX platform provides constant access to results updated in real time. Regardless of the number of studies or complexity, you have full ability to filter, segment and analyze the data from as many angles as you need. The platform allows you to customize the default analysis parameters so that you can use the most common analysis configurations as easily as possible.

Multidimensional analyses

Multidimensional analysis allows you to collate all the data available in the survey - responses, technical data, visit data, custom parameters - and then process and analyze them in an accessible way.

Report Generator

The YourCX platform provides a solution that combines the advantages of Excel, PowerPoint and HTML in one. It's easy to define any scheme for processing results, combining them, and then visualizing them in reports that are constantly linked to the research, so they constantly update themselves with new results. This saves analysts many hours of work. Reports can be exported to PDF and PowerPoint, among others.

Support for multilingualism

Mechanisms for creating reports integrated with surveys fully support multilingualism. With a report in one language, you can independently or even automatically enter translations in another language, making it easier to distribute knowledge across multilingual teams.

Report Automation. Generate thousands of reports with a single click

Do you need to generate and send periodically customized reports for dozens or even hundreds of recipients, such as managers of stationary salons? The ready-made automation solutions of the YourCX research platform will allow you to complete the task in a few minutes saving dozens of hours of work.

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