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We have developed a modern system that enables data collection and analysis, used by our researchers and analysts, as well as by the employees of our Clients in various departments of their companies. Regardless of whether you choose full range of our services or if you use our tool independently, we provide you with an advanced and intuitive platform for data collection management and data analysis.

Features of our system for creating and editing surveys include:

  1. Adding the surveys

The system enables creating and editing an empty survey or generating a ready-made questionnaire based on the templates. The available templates have been prepared by an experienced team of analysts and researchers, based on YourCX’s largest projects. Content of the templates can be freely changed and blank questionnaires can be freely filled.

  1. Editing the questions

The platform enables adding and editing a variety of questions, from single- and multiple-choice questions, through matrix tables and slider scales, to NPS (Net Promoter Score) questions. Totally, YourCX provides for adding 9 different types of questions to help you collect the highest quality data and create useful benchmarks. All types of questions are integrated into the analytical platform to maximize the use of information they collect. Should you need to add a new type of question, such option will be quickly prepared.

  1. Defining the appearance of questions

The platform enables freely tailoring your questions to your surveying needs. It is possible to change the headings, available selection options, scale descriptions, table and block items, etc. Using the CSS styles, you can also modify any questions, e.g. to replace text-based selecting options with graphic elements. Unlimited opportunities to customize the appearance of your questions for your surveying needs are the result of many years of YourCX experience, which is why they meet the highest standards and guarantee a high level of respondents’ UX.

  1. „Look and feel” edition of questionnaires

The system enables free edition of appearance of the survey questionnaires using CSS styles. It is possible to modify colours, margins, font size and type, spacing between questions and other items placed in the survey. Each questionnaire can be customized to be consistent with graphic design of any brand touchpoint. As a standard, the logo is placed on the top left of the survey but its position can also be freely modified. With the ability to edit CSS styles and logic using JavaScript, the capabilities and appearance of the surveys are unlimited.

  1. Survey implementation management

Each created survey has its own unique id, placed in the appropriate place in the code implemented in Client’s website. The description of how the script works is presented in a separate document. Several standard implementation methods are available and any new customization is available upon request. Custom solutions then go to the list of “standard” methods of loading and functioning of the surveys.

  1. Editing the widget for declarative surveys

The appearance of a widget (also called a button or pictogram) for declarative surveys can be freely modified. Size, colour, font, graphics, animation – all those elements can be freely changed. Declarative surveys can also be “pinned” to the elements of the website, such as text links, icons, or graphics, allowing more extensive integration of surveys with the website. The form of displaying the surveys (pop-up or layer, display size, etc.) can also be freely modified through YourCX platform.

  1. Safe optimization of the surveys

Active survey gets blocked, so no accidental changes to the content of the questionnaire can be made – that is required by the need for using a uniform methodology to reliably compare the data over time. If the questionnaire is disabled using YourCX platform, the content of the survey may, however, be changed at any time to adapt it to current surveying needs or as a result of conclusions drawn from analyses.

Visit our website, take advantage of free trial version and see for yourself how easy it is to design the surveys with our tool.