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YourCX tools and services are tailored to the needs of companies operating in various areas of the market. We offer proven solutions that will help you recognize your Clients’ needs and deepen their relationships with your brand.


Optimization of conversions, navigation, purchasing processes, marketing campaigns, service quality, these are just examples of YourCX’s online sales research capabilities. By combining declarative data with online analytics you get practical knowledge about trends, areas for improvement and bottlenecks that affect satisfaction.

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Cinemas realize that they are no longer competing only among themselves. Alternative forms of film distribution are now fighting for our attention and free time. How to compete with a soft bed and the Netflix library? Cinemas can only win with the highest quality of service. What are the audience satisfaction surveys and how to use advanced analytics to improve their experiences?

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In the financial sector, we provide knowledge about the needs of customers in connection with numerous processes, from banking management in the online channel, through the presentation and sale of offers, to the quality of customer service. We provide the highest security standards, including the option of installing our platform on internal banks’ servers.

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Surveys targeted at the traditional channel are focused on the assessment of specific sales outlets, service quality, product availability, or monitoring of changing consumer behavior, the ROPO effect and the general perception of the brand. Thanks to the in-depth analysis of emotions and customer expectations, you will be able to increase the quality of positive experiences.

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