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Solutions for the travel industry  

User Experience

Online is a key channel for offer presentation and sales. Travel agencies have to make sure navigation is intuitive, and design appealing. YourCX tools allow you to optimize all aspects of e-commerce platforms and continually monitor user satisfaction, including conversion rates and ease of finding hotels, flights, and trips. By combining declarative data with online analytics, you will gain practical insights into areas that need improvement and bottlenecks that have a negative influence on conversion rates. 

Our solutions will help you find the answer to many questions, including: Is it easy to find offers? What keywords result in the wrong search results? How easily do visitors achieve the purpose of the visit? What problems could negatively affect conversion? What positive experiences have the biggest impact on sales?

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Customer loyalty

Increasing involvement of companies in the field of Customer Experience makes the need to measure and compare the effectiveness of processes an important aspect of the tourism industry. With YourCX’s support, you’ll measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS) at key points, both in the context of online sales and traditional service. Furthermore, you can find out which factors affect loyalty, brand image, and ultimately your key performance indicators. As part of our service, we also offer unique benchmarks and numerous indicators which will help you in the process of consumer satisfaction optimization.  

Thanks to us you will be able to find the answers to the following questions: How do customers rate tours? What was most important to them? What are the main goals of site visitors? What are the buying intentions of visitors who came from individual marketing campaigns? What is the impact of positive and negative experiences on sales? How do Detractors behave after leaving the site?

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Travel experience

In the travel industry, experiences from the trip itself have the most important impact on overall satisfaction and loyalty. Emotions and memories related to flight, hotel service, and program quality have a key impact on willingness to recommend travel agencies. Punctuality, courtesy and resident support, optional excursions, attractions for children, all of this combined as “trip experience” reflects on the image of your business. By monitoring individual indicators and comparing them with internal and market benchmarks, you will gain insight into the quality of your services.

By using an e-mail questionnaire you will get the answers to the following questions: Did the trip go smoothly? Has the resident or caretaker demonstrated professionalism? Did the accommodation and catering meet customer expectations? What needs to be improved and how negative experiences impact the brand image and future sales?

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Online experiences

Using YourCX tools, you will be able to detect problems and analyze your customer’s paths in the online channel. You will learn about their needs, what attracts them the most, what questions they have. With our help, you will combine behavioral data about expectations, problems and emotions with an online analytics, without neglecting the impact of declarations and emotions on subsequent actions and micro-conversions.  

With our help, you will find, among others: What percentage of users who are familiar with a particular type of offer are really interested in purchasing? What problems have been faced by people abandoning their purchase? How do people behave online and what makes some of them Detractors? Is bounce rate an important issue?

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Business development

Thanks to in-depth analysis of emotions and customer expectations it is possible to generate positive experiences that will affect your business development. By exposing user paths according to declarative data (goals of visits, reasons for abandoning the shopping process, NPS indicator, etc.) and comparing them with financial data, you will have full knowledge of the areas that require further work.

You will also find out: What is the full path to purchases and how certain experiences influence it? Which areas cause the most problems and discourage from buying or recommending a service? What information is missing from the offer website? What are the expectations of regular customers and what of the new ones?

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Service in travel agency

Traditional sales through a travel agency are as important as the online channel. Customer satisfaction in this context is influenced by numerous factors, including the competence of the office staff and the quality of the offer. By looking at a traditional point of contact and by comparing selected indicators across locations and regions, you get a clear view of your business’s CX level and identify areas requiring change.

By using questionnaires placed on tablets or emailed after a visit to the travel agent, you will find the following questions: Did the visit run smoothly? Was the service attentive and helpful? Did the seller correctly identify the customer’s needs? Were conditions comfortable?

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Contact with Customer Service

Channels related to direct contact with the customer have the greatest influence on the brand image and further consumer purchasing decisions. Among people who have received help, the NPS rate is over 300% higher than those who have had problems with it. Conversions among satisfied with CS is even over 550% higher! Thanks to the advanced capabilities of gathering contextual data (consultant id, case id, problem category, customer type, etc.), it is possible to monitor all direct contact channels, including livechat, e-mail, and phone.  

Thanks to our solutions you can find answers to the following questions: Is it easy to contact CS? Has the consultant provided sufficient assistance? Which consultants are rated best and who needs training? What range of information consultants should acquire? How behave those whose problem has been resolved, and how those who did not find answers to the pressing questions?

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A set of tools allowing to carry out continuous research and A/B tests at key points of contact with the brand, both online (website, mobile application) and offline (travel agency, departure).

Research on any processes, including registration, purchase process (the reasons for abandoning the purchasing process), complaint processes, quality of CS, experience at traditional sale points.

Research and distribution mechanisms tailored to sensitive areas such as search engine, offer pages, contact with CS (including livechat, e-mail, chatbot, and telephone) and more.

Omnichannel approach: ROPO effect, revROPO, mutual influence of channels on each other, geolocation, building the profile of the respondent between the channels.

Analyzes of the impact of emotions and experiences on business indicators: sales, registration, re-visits, before and after completing the survey.

Any integrations: CRM / ERP, analytical tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), multi-dimensional analysis, path analysis and conversions in the context of emotions.

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