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The world is changing. Consumer habits as well. The Omnichannel 2018 study attempts to capture and understand the nature of these phenomena.

Omnichannel 2018

The purpose of the Omnichannel 2018 study is to assess the clients’ experiences and preferences at all stages of contact with the brand, including the assessment of the quality of contact, the degree of achievement of goals, as well as loyalty and willingness to recommend services or products. We also examine the additional context of needs and behaviors, thanks to which we are able to better understand the changes taking place on our market. We have carried out the research for eight major market segments in Poland: the telecommunications industry, cinemas, sports goods, electronics and household appliances, medicines and cosmetics, clothes and shoes as well as multimedia and books. We have checked in what stores Poles like to buy, what is the most important for them in traditional and online shopping and which methods of contact with the company they prefer.

Download reports

We have prepared separate reports for each of these industries, which will be published regurarly. Reports are available free of charge on our website. You will download them in pdf format.

Telecommunication services

The Client’s relationship with the telecommunications service provider may last for years, and many factors influence the experience that accompanies it, from the quality of services provided, through current and ad-hoc customer service, to the convenience of account management online or through mobile app.


Booking a ticket, finding a parking space, buying popcorn, a visit to the toilet and finally the screening. The general impression of the visit consists of a number of factors that the viewers treat very complementarily. We also check whether streaming platforms take customers away from the cinemas.


Although the fashion industry is still most prevalent in the traditional channel, the popularity of buying clothes and shoes online is rapidly growing. The process consists of many stages, and in each of them, the quality of experience has a key impact on the desire to re-purchase.


Cosmetics, perfumes, creams, dietary supplements, hygiene articles, we use these products every day. We checked where Poles are most willing to do this type of shopping and what they pay particular attention to. This market is growing and is changing very dynamically today.

Sports products

We checked in which stores Poles are most eager to purchase sports products and clothing. The multi-channel environment is of great importance for this business, since online orders with delivery to the store are common due to the size of many products.

House and garden

Home and garden supplies, DIY tools, building materials, decorations, we buy such products more and more often, and their large-size nature increases the need for an omnichannel look at this industry.

Electronics and household goods

We buy household appliances and electronics more and more willingly online, but the role of traditional stores in this industry is still very important. We check which stores enjoy the best opinion and examine factors motivating consumers to buy there.

Books, music, multimedia

Digitization has also affected the culture. And although e-books will not replace traditional books in the near future, the popularity of electronic channels for the purchase of a printed word continues to grow. We also check how Poles buy music, movies, and other multimedia.


How YourCX supports its business Clients?

YourCX Clients increase their competitive advantage thanks to research embedded at various stages of the shopping path. The research is adapted to the context of individual events, contact points and behaviors. We try to capture worrying and abnormal behavior, eg too long time spent in the shopping process, and then get declarative data (feedback obtained via questionnaire) and contextual information about the event (all events accompanying the visit, including paths, conversions, returns). If you want to meet the expectations of the modern consumer by establishing a permanent contact channel: contact us!

We have been cooperating with the Multikino cinema network for two years. Directors and cinema employees use data on a daily basis through individual dashboards, thanks to which they can view information obtained through the communication channel established with YourCX. We carry out research of experiences in the cinema and online service.

„(…) We recommend YourCX tools and services first and foremost because of competence, reliability and professionalism in supporting Play’s Customer Experience optimization strategy. We received full support in all stages of CX/UX projects realization. YourCX team is always helpful, active and ready to face problems and dilemmas. (…)”

As part of our services, we offer, among others:

A set of research tools that enable continuous testing, verification, and A / B testing at key touchpoints, both online (online shop, mobile app) and offline (traditional sales).

Optimization of all processes, from registration, purchase process (including the reasons for abandoning cart and satisfaction after placing an order), delivery, returns and customer support.

Survey distribution mechanisms tailored to the characteristics of sensitive areas such as search engine, product pages, categories, CS contact (including live chat and e-mail).

Omnichannel approach – ROPO effect, revROPO, mutual influence of channels, geolocation, building respondent profile between channels.

Analyses of the impact of emotions and experiences on business indicators (sales, registrations, re-visits) before and after completing the survey over a long time horizon.

Many integration options: CRM/ERP, analytical tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), cross-analysis, multidimensional analysis, path analysis, cohorts, conversion.

Our Clients praise our professionalism and flexible approach in the implementation of research projects. Choose the right service package for your company and see for yourself!