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Despite the new reality, we still have shopping needs, and what do they look like now? OMNICHANNEL 2020

Omnichannel 2020

Despite many adversities, we conducted the third edition of the survey OMNICHANNEL.
This year our the study saw 1.7 million users and over 170,000 shared their purchasing experiences in at least one of the eight industries surveyed. Thanks to these respondents, we checked the current experience and preferences of consumers, we measured the scale of the ROPO phenomenon and the NPS index. Due to the fact that it is another edition of the survey, it was possible to compare the data with information from previous years.

We will prepare separate reports for each of the surveyed industries, which we will publish cyclically from October 2020. All reports from this year’s edition of the study OMNICHANNEL2020 are created using our proprietary reporting tool, which is already used by many YourCX customers.


Cosmetics, perfumes, creams, dietary supplements, hygiene products – we use these products every day, and where do we buy them most often, how often do we return? 

Books, music, multimedia

Digitization has also affected culture. And although e-books will not replace books in the near future, the popularity of electronic channels for purchasing the printed word continues to grow. We also check how Poles buy music, movies and other multimedia.

Electronics and household goods

We are increasingly willing to buy household goods and electronics online, but the role of stationary stores in this industry is still very important. We check which stores have the best reputation and examine the factors that motivate consumers to buy these products.


Although the fashion industry is still biggest in the traditional channel, thanks to the ever growing popularity of simpler returns of purchased clothes, shoes and accessories is constantly growing in the online channel. The process consists of many steps, and in each of them the quality of the experience has a key influence on the willingness to buy again.


In this edition of the Omnichannel survey, for the first time, we examine the purchasing habits of consumers looking for shoes. What role do stationary showrooms play in the digitizing world today?

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Booking a ticket, finding a parking space, buying at a bar, visiting the toilet and finally a screening – the overall impression of a visit consists of a number of factors that viewers treat very complementarily. We also check whether streaming platforms are taking away customers’ cinemas.

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Telecommunication services

The customer’s relationship with the telecommunications service provider may last for years, and the accompanying experience is influenced by many factors, from the quality of services provided, through ongoing and ad hoc customer service, to the convenience of online or application management.

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House and garden

Home and garden products, DIY tools, building materials, decorations – we buy more and more such products, and their often large-size nature increases the need for an omnichannel look at this industry.

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