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Cosmetics, perfumes, creams, dietary supplements, hygiene products… we use these products every day. Where Poles most willingly buy this type of assortment, what they pay special attention to and how their experiences and relations with drugstores and shops are shaped?
The report published this week is the fifth summary of the Omnichannel 2018 survey. Collecting data by the largest e-commerce services in Poland, we reached several dozen thousand respondents who eagerly shared with us their opinions and experiences in the purchase of cosmetics and hygienic articles. All reports can be found on our website.
Among other things, we learned from the published report that the ROPO (research online, purchase offline) effect, i.e. the phenomenon of searching for information and comparing offers online before going to a stationary point, is one of the lowest on the Polish market for purchases of products from this category. Only 15% of respondents do it “always” and 16% “often”.
In addition, we measured NPS and other indicators measuring the Customer Experience level for the largest retailers of products in this category in Poland. We also tested the preferred methods of contact with the brand after purchasing on the Internet and via the traditional channel. The report is available for download here.