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The Omnichannel 2018 survey includes eight market segments, 50,000 completed surveys and a difficult to quantify the number of correlations, trends, and observations. The obtained data help us to better understand the behavior of modern consumers, both in the context of technological and social changes, as well as experiences in numerous channels of contact with the brand. Today, the time has come for the entertainment industry, and more specifically, Polish cinema chains.

The published report (the second of eight) is devoted to the ticket purchase processes and general experiences related to a visit to the cinema. The purpose of this study is obviously not to thoroughly examine the various aspects of the cinema visit (we are already carrying out these research projects directly for our Clients) but rather to give you a general outline of the situation on the Polish cinema market.

So we checked how internet users rate the largest cinema chains, how often they go to them, where and how they buy tickets and whether they are satisfied with the provided quality of service. We also asked about the ease of buying and booking tickets in the traditional and online channels and about the factors determining the choice of a specific cinema.

Although the Omnichannel 2018 study is primarily an attempt to capture consumer behavior in the conditions of intertwined purchase channels, in the case of the cinema industry we cannot forget about new forms of film and series distribution (streaming platforms, VOD) and the impact of their popularization on the frequency of going to the cinema.

The report is available for download on our website.

We also invite you to check the report published two weeks ago regarding telecommunications service providers, which is also available free of charge on our website.