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The fashion industry is a business worth over 2.5 trillion dollars a year on the world scale and is still accelerating. We also keep hearing about the successes of Polish clothing companies in foreign markets. What’s next?

Experts predict that the growth potential of Polish companies in the fashion industry may start to run out in 5 years. Now, however, the industry can boast of successes in a foreign expansion. Clothing and footwear are undoubtedly essential products we will always need. The fast fashion business created around this area stimulates the demand for new collections and products. Customers also stopped thinking about buying clothes only in the context of a traditional store with dressing rooms. The possibility of free returns stimulates the growth of online sales, where consumers buy interesting products and then leave what they like, sending back the rest.

The Omnichannel 2018 study attempts to capture consumer behavior in terms of intertwined purchase channels. We examined the scale of the ROPO effect and we checked how the respondents use mobile devices in situations related to purchases in the traditional channel. We also measured Net Promoter Score (willingness to recommend) in traditional and online channels on the Polish market. We also checked how the experiences of customers of these stores are shaped.

Consumer habits and behaviors are changing. In the near future, there may be even more factors stimulating our behavior in the context of purchasing products of this type. There is also a growing social awareness of the exploitation behind the production of a large part of clothes flooding our market. Consumers will, in time, put pressure on sellers to ensure standards of work in the factories where millions work at scandalous conditions.

The Omnichannel 2018 report on the clothing industry is now available free of charge on our website.