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Case studies

Case Study Multikino

Multikino uses the support of YourCX for almost two years, using data about the experiences of cinema viewers and users of the Multikino.pl website. The scope of cooperation has dynamically evolved, from a small project related to the needs of cinema-lovers to large-scale activities in which all employees of the company are involved.

Case Study Decathlon

The YourCX team has been cooperating with Decathlon Polska for over 4 years. During this time, we implemented many research projects, including customer experience study of Decathlon.pl. Check our case study describing our cooperation with Decathlon, the largest seller of sports goods in the world!

Customer Experience in retail

The base of an effective multichannel marketing campaign is the acquisition and use of knowledge about the importance of each channel in the context of customer journey. Learn more about ROPO effect and learn how to collect and use data related to offline channel experiences (traditional stores and customer service centers)!

Optimization of CX in Customer Service

YourCX tools allow optimization of quality of contact with Customer Service across multiple channels (e-mail, phone, livechat). Our solutions help to increase the quality of assistance provided and to reduce the costs of CS maintenance. Our actions translate into immediate effects!

Conversion analysis and CX research

We combine web analytics and CX research in innovative and effective way. Our tools are capable of path and conversion analysis with the full context of emotions, experiences and opinions.

Influence of NPS on finances

YourCX research confirms that optimizing experience and loyalty translates directly and immediately into real revenue growth. We have examined the actual and precise impact of the NPS growth rate on finance.

YourCX tools allow you to analyze consumer needs at every point of contact with your brand, taking into account full context of experiences and emotions!