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Data security

In YourCX we take sensitive data of our Clients with great care. Flexible and individual approach to each project ensures that all legal and technical requirements related to privacy and security are met. We are aware of enormous trust our Clients give us, although our concern is also due to the growing demand of consumers, whose awareness of security and privacy on the Web is constantly evolving.

First of all we want to maintain a positive image so that consumers recognize us and trust us. On their involvement depends the quality of data collected, which ultimately translates into the reliability of our services. We use the most advanced technology and never disclose our Client’s data to the public. We focus on long-term cooperation and business benefit of our partners is always the most important.

Our selected advantages:

  • We do not refer to any external resources and do not use cookies on the client's domain or take any information from other people's cookies.
  • The client is given permanent control over the accounts of users involved in the data analysis process in our panel. Permissions and restrictions on access to studies or functions allow you to control access to data to the full extent.
  • We develop our tool completely independently, so we have full control over it. The code of the platform is placed on secured servers, to which no unauthorized person has access.
  • We allow full installation of the platform on the client's servers. He then gets full control over the tool, and even YourCX employees and analysts will then not be given access to the results of the research without permission.
  • In the legal field - all contracts are negotiated individually. We sign relevant NDAs and match the requirements of security departments. We tailor reporting processes to the needs of clients.
  • We collect only non-confidential information. Both analytical data (including paths and technical data) and segmentation additional data (any other parameters, e.g. names of offers, product categories, types of customers and subscribers, value of products in the shopping cart) are determined in cooperation with the customer.

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