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Our tools are designed for you. See how you can effectively use our solutions in your daily work.

Analysts and researchers

We offer a wide range of research and analytical tools supporting specialists, analysts and researchers in their daily work. Optimizing processes and conversion rates has never been easier! 

Advertising and marketing departments

With our solutions, you will analyze the sources of visits in the context of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize remarketing activities based on Customer Experience data!

Copywriters and content managers

Check out how YourCX can help you optimize product descriptions and information sections. You will receive notifications about problems and study their impact on future behaviors!

Developers and IT department

CX research will help you identify areas for improvement and support you in your ongoing troubleshooting processes across all digital channels.

Customer Service Managers

You will identify problems in relations with the Customer Service, increase the competence of consultants and improve the processes in contact via e-mail, telephone and live chat.

Retail employees and managers

YourCX research and analysis solutions support the work of store managers and employees. Measure and optimize the quality of retail experiences!

Directors and management

Our tools support the work of managers, directors, and CEOs. We offer clear reports, trend analyses, Net Promoter Score measurement for the brand, panel research and market benchmarks.