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Customer Service

How YourCX tools support the work
of Customer Service Managers?

Research on key communication channels

Customer Experience surveys will help you identify problems and threats that may discourage your customers, and thus adversely affect your brand image. Thanks to our solutions, you will optimize the quality of CS and increase the competence of consultants in the most popular contact channels, including e-mail, phone or live chat. By optimizing customer service processes, you will reduce the costs of its maintenance.

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Advanced analytics of CS experiences

W Twoje ręce oddajemy wszechstronny panel administracyjny, z pomocą którego przeprowadzisz samodzielnie analizę doświadczeń pod kątem satysfakcji z kontaktu z Obsługą Klienta. Dzięki uzupełnieniu danych deklaratywnych o kontekst dotyczący indywidualnych rozmów (w tym np. identyfikator konsultanta, czas trwania rozmowy, temat rozmowy, identyfikator zamówienia lub sprawy, identyfikator Klienta i inne parametry) monitorować możesz wszystkie kanały bezpośredniego kontaktu.

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Support for incentive and training programs

You can use the data on customers’ experiences with contact with the Customer Service in the bonus system, rewarding the most effective consultants, as well as identifying topics and areas that require additional training and workshops. A well-prepared team of specialists will positively influence the brand image and willingness to recommend your services and products.

Check how to use the Customer’s voice to optimize consumer loyalty.


Optimization of loyalty and NPS

Customer loyalty is one of the key indicators influencing the company’s development. Properly designed Customer Experience surveys using a sharp measurement of loyalty in the form of Net Promoter Score (NPS) allow you to keep track of customer sentiments, learn about the causes of evaluations and make the right decisions aimed at improving loyalty. You will learn how relations with Customer Service affect consumer behavior in the future.

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Convenient reporting of results 

The free flow of information on customer experiences is the basis for an effective customer-centric strategy. The implementation of larger research projects involves a number of departments and individuals who will not necessarily work directly on data analysis, waiting for observations, conclusions, and recommendations. Therefore, we propose a number of solutions to facilitate the flow of information and the process of reporting data.

You can find examples of data reporting solutions on this page.


Optimization of online help sections

YourCX system will let you obtain feedback to optimize content in the help sections. What information is missing? Was it easy to find the answer? Collected data can also be used to monitor future user behavior, including the frequency of contact with customer service. As our research shows, a help section that does not meet user needs increases customer demand for contact with the Customer Service Centre, which increases spending on its maintenance.

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Our Clients praise our professionalism and flexible approach in the implementation of CX research projects. Choose the service package that suits your needs and see for yourself!

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