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Analysis of traffic sources in the context of CX studies

We provide you with a comprehensive administration panel, which will help you learn everything you want to know about the structure of traffic and customer acquisition in e-commerce. Data on the sources of visits on the site include information on specific channels and advertising campaigns for paid sources, which can be used in the analysis of user behavior. You will also examine the context of traffic sources in terms of visit objectives and ease of their completion, as well as actions within the shopping path.

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Remarketing based on YourCX data 

You can use all the declarative data from the research for remarketing purposes. Therefore, you can direct your advertising campaigns, for example, to Promoters themselves, who are most likely to make further purchases, or to Passives, who are not so strongly connected to the brand. In these activities you will also use data on the preferred purchase channels, visit objectives or demographic structure of respondents.

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Feedback loop

You will use Customer Experience surveys as an additional channel of contact, responding to significant doubts of your respondents. The biggest skeptics dissatisfied with the visit you can convert with a clear message: “Your opinion is important, we are changing for you”. You will receive instant notifications to your e-mail in case the respondent leaves his e-mail or phone in an open response while waiting for a contact. This way you can turn negative experiences into positive ones, gaining customers ready to recommend your services and products.

If you want to know more about YourCX alert systems, please read this publication.


Monitor and optimize the NPS indicator for your brand 

Instead of being guided by illusions, regain control over your company’s performance and start asking questions about your customers’ real experiences. Every day, consumers interact thousands of times with companies. Brand perception, loyalty and willingness to return, and finally, to recommend your services to friends and family depend on the quality of these interactions. With the help of YourCX platform, you will capture consumer experiences in key areas of your business development and optimize your brand’s Net Promoter Score.

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Solutions for every industry

Whether you work in e-commerce, dating service or travel agency, Customer Experience research will help you build lasting relationships with your customers. Thanks to the acquired data, you will identify problems and verify the effectiveness of actions aimed at experience optimization. YourCX solutions will work well in any industry. We already operate in the telecommunications and banking sectors, e-commerce services and cinema networks, optimizing experiences in online and traditional channels.

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On our website, you will find a wide range of information on experience research and Customer Experience analytics. We also invite you to visit our blog, where you will find news from the world of CX research, news about YourCX platform, as well as articles on brand contact points that are worth exploring, and more information about path analytics and conversions.

CX research

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Voice of the Customer

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NPS score

Due to the widespread use of the Net Promoter Score around the world, many myths and misunderstandings have arisen. Undoubtedly, the greatest benefits can only be achieved through thoughtful segmentation of data.

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