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How do YourCX tools support
regional directors and
store managers?

Modern research in traditional sales channels

YourCX research solutions have also been designed to meet the needs of multi-channel retailers. The research in the traditional channel focuses on the assessment of specific points of sale, quality of service, availability of products, or monitoring of changes in consumer behavior, including ROPO effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline) and general brand perception.

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Diversification of data sources 

One of the techniques is geolocation (geo-fencing). We reach the customer when he visits a traditional shop and uses a mobile phone to search for product information or compare prices. Another method is the integration of a survey with a mobile application, where clients who recently visited your store will evaluate their experiences after being invited via push notification.

Check out how you can use the online channel to capture experiences at traditional points.


Optimization of the Net Promoter Score

Customer loyalty is one of the key indicators influencing the company’s development. Properly designed Customer Experience surveys using a sharp measurement of loyalty in the form of Net Promoter Score (NPS) allow you to keep track of customer sentiments, learn about the causes of evaluations and make the right decisions to improve loyalty. Segmentation of data by specific stores and regions enables full monitoring of the quality of CX.

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Convenient reporting of results 

The free flow of information on customer experiences is the basis for an effective customer-centric strategy. Therefore, we propose a number of solutions to facilitate the circulation of information and data reporting process, including convenient dashboards prepared for the regional directors and e-mail notification system for store managers and employees.

You can find examples of data reporting solutions on this page.


Solutions for every industry

In the context of the ROPO effect and Consumer Journey, it is difficult to define universal rules of conduct. Much depends on the specificity of the industry and its competition. Regular measurement of experiences, emotions, and behaviors are, therefore, the key to estimating RoI. YourCX solutions will work well in any industry, including in the context of research in traditional stores and customer service points.

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Our Clients praise our professionalism and flexible approach in the implementation of CX research projects. Choose the service package that suits your needs and see for yourself!

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