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Solutions for e-commerce


User Experience: navigation and design

Websites are primary e-commerce sales channels, so you need to make sure you maintain an intuitive navigation and design. YourCX tools allow you to keep track of the ease of navigating through the product search and purchase processes. By combining declarative data with online analytics, you get hands-on knowledge of areas that need improvement, and bottlenecks that compromise your customer’s satisfaction and negatively affects conversion rates.

Our solutions will help you find answers to many questions, including: Do users easily find products they are looking for? What keywords makes users encounter wrong search results? How easily do visitors achieve the purpose of the visit? What is the most important aspects  that affects conversion?

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Customer Experience: satisfaction and loyalty

Increasing involvement of companies in the field of Customer Experience makes it necessary to measure and compare the effectiveness of the strategies being implemented. With YourCX’s support, you’ll measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS) at key branding points, and find out which factors affect your loyalty, the will to drive your brand, and ultimately your key business metrics. As part of our service, we also offer unique benchmarks and numerous indicators and solutions that optimize consumer satisfaction.

You will be able to find answers to the following questions: Who buys most and why? What are the main goals of site visitors? What are the buying intentions of users who visit the service from individual marketing campaigns? What is the impact of positive experiences on sales? How do critics behave after leaving the site? Do users fulfill their goals, and if not – why? What influences loyalty most?

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Experience analytics

Using YourCX tools, you’ll be able to detect problems and learn what drives users away from their main goals. With our help, you will combine behavioral data about expectations, problems, and emotions with an online behavioral analysis, without neglecting the impact of declarations and emotions on subsequent actions and micro-conversions.

With our help, you will find, among others: Are users familiar with a specific type of product really interested in purchasing them? What influences abandoned shopping carts? How Critics behave, and what is the difference between them and Promoters? Is bounce rate an important issue?

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Business development

Thanks to in-depth analysis of emotions and customer expectations it is possible to generate positive experiences and eliminate an influence of negative triggers. By connecting user path analysis with declarative data (goals, reasons for abandoning the shopping process, Net Promoter Score, etc.) and financial data, you gain full knowledge about areas that require further work. You will learn how high positive and negative experiences impact your revenue.

You will also find out: What is the full context of data you gather with online analytics tools? Which areas cause the most problems and discourage your customers from recommending your brand? What are the expectations of your clients? What needs and expectations new visitors have?

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Technical errors

You will never be able to avoid bugs or technical problems. With YourCX solutions, you’ll be able to keep up to date with feedback on problems that visitors face. Quantitative data will allow your company to monitor an out-of-date event, and comments will identify specific issues. Additional contextual data will allow you to pinpoint the causes of technical errors accurately. Screenshots included in surveys along with the page code will allow you to reproduce the occurrences of specific scenarios.

We give you answers to these questions: Are bugs that people face really important? To what extent do technical errors affect conversion?

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Customer service

Channels related to direct contact with the customer have the greatest influence on the brand image and further purchasing decisions. Among people who have received help, the NPS rate is over 300% higher than those who have had problems with it. Conversion rate among satisfied with CS support is over 550% higher – see case study . F full monitoring of CS quality in many different channels (e-mail, live chat and phone) is possible tThanks to the advanced capabilities of gathering contextual data (consultant id, problem id, problem category, customer type, etc.).

Thanks to our solutions you can find answers to the following questions: Is it easy to contact CS? Has the consultant provided sufficient assistance? Which consultants are performing best and which need further training? What range of information consultants should supplement? How different is the behavior of customers which got help from CS from those affected by negative experiences?

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Experiences after purchase

Contact with the customer does not end with a thank you page. Experiences with delivery have an important impact on loyalty and the desire to recommend the brand. Timeliness of the order, courteousness of the supplier, CS support and quality of products all affect the image of your e-commerce.

Using questionnaires sent by e-mail after product delivery and/or order pickup at the store, you will get answers to the following questions: Is the pickup process smooth? Has the package arrived as scheduled? Does the product meet customer expectations? Was the supplier polite and helpful? What forms of delivery do your customers prefer?

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A set of research tools that enable continuous testing, verification, and A / B testing at key touchpoints, both online (online shop, mobile app) and offline (traditional sales).

Optimization of all processes, from registration, purchase process (including the reasons for abandoning cart and satisfaction after placing an order), delivery, returns and customer support.

Survey distribution mechanisms tailored to the characteristics of sensitive areas such as search engine, product pages, categories, CS contact (including live chat and e-mail).

Omnichannel approach – ROPO effect, revROPO, mutual influence of channels, geolocation, building respondent profile between channels.

Analyses of the impact of emotions and experiences on business indicators (sales, registrations, re-visits) before and after completing the survey over a long time horizon.

Many integration options: CRM/ERP, analytical tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), cross-analysis, multidimensional analysis, path analysis, cohorts, conversion.

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