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Get to know your customers and use a modern experience analysis to optimize satisfaction and maximize profits in traditional channel!

Solutions for traditional sales


YourCX research solutions are well prepared for companies with multi-channel sales model. Traditional channel-driven research focuses on evaluating experiences in offline stores, including service quality, product availability, or monitoring of consumer needs and behaviors (including ROPO effect), and overall brand perception. One of the foundations of this type research is the growing popularity of mobile and the fact that more and more consumers are using mobile devices with Internet access.

Thanks to us, you will be able to find answers for all of the following questions: What problems or concerns do customers have? Are they happy with services provided? Are employees perceived as helpful and friendly? How big is the influence of Internet on traditional channels? How do the ROPO and revROPO scale change? What is the impact of positive experiences on your sales? What influences your customer’s loyalty most?

Optimize Customer Experience now!

Increased investment in research and optimization of the Customer Experience makes it necessary to measure the effectiveness of strategies being implemented. With YourCX’s support, you’ll easily monitor key quality indicators, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), to find out which factors affect loyalty, satisfaction, and your brand image. With advanced financial analysis, you will measure an impact of CX optimization on your key business indicators. You also get full feedback on the issues and areas that require intervention. As part of our service, we also offer unique benchmarks and numerous indicators that will make the process of CX optimization seamless and profitable.

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Measurement methods 

At traditional points of sale or customer service, you can place non-invasive flyers, posters or screens with an invitation to share experiences and opinions. A survey can be accessed by scanning a QR code, typing an easy-to-remember URL in the browser, and/or via NFC. Data can also be collected by tablets, where customers can easily rate various aspects of the visit and share their comments. QR codes and links can also be placed on fiscal receipts.  

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Geolocation and mobile

With the geolocation mechanism, we are able to detect whether an online visitor is currently in a traditional store. We use the fact that more and more traditional shoppers use the Internet to compare prices, check product availability, or read product reviews. This mechanism is ideal not only for in-store experiments but also for monitoring the ROPO and revROPO effects and consumer behavior in omnichannel environments. It is also possible to use a geolocation mechanism among these traditional store customers who use the mobile app. After the visit, users will receive a push notification on their mobile device with an invitation to complete the survey. 

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Business development  

Thanks to in-depth analysis of emotions and customer expectations it is possible to generate positive experiences and use them to drive business development. By segmenting quantitative and qualitative data by location, you will get a clear comparison between different locations and regions. An additional analysis of this information in the context of financial data will give you full knowledge of the areas requiring further work. You will measure the impact of individual parameters on satisfaction and willingness to recommend your brand. Use that knowledge in the context of revenue and financial gain.

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A set of specially designed tools for continuous testing, verification and A / B testing in a multi-channel environment.

Investigate any issues, and measure satisfaction with customer service, product quality, cleanliness, and speed of handling questions.

Estimation and monitoring of ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) and revROPO (reversed ROPO). Study the mutual influence of different channels on each other.

Flexible approach to individual projects, linking offline research with online research (for more information on e-commerce solutions, see here).

Strong focus on the impact of emotions and experiences on business indicators, including NPS (Net Promoter Score) and finances.

Many integration options: CRM/ERP, analytical tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), cross-analysis, multidimensional analysis, path analysis, cohorts, conversion.

YourCX tools allow you to analyze consumer needs at every point of contact with your brand, taking into account full context of experiences and emotions!