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Influence of NPS on conversion and finances

Poland | industry: e-commerce | sample size: 50 000 | time: 10.16-03.17



  • Studies conducted by Customer Experience agencies have confirmed close correlation between likelihood to recommend a retailer (the NPS) and willingness to buy there again, and numerous case studies point out that the increase in the NPS results in growth of revenues;
  • There is, however, little research on direct impact of consumer experiences
    on conversion and actual financial results of a company;
  • YourCX as the only agency in Poland is able, using its own tools, to take on the challenge of analyzing translation of NPS into conversion and revenues.



  • Segmentation of user paths based on declarative data (purposes of visits, reasons for abandonment of purchasing process, NPS and others) allows for full-fledged analysis of conversion;
  • Compilation of the data relating to conversion and cart value enable also calculation of how a change in the NPS (Detractors, Passives, and Promoters) will affect your revenues.




  • The increase in NPS by 5 results in a 0.95% increase in revenues in the short term, which means that optimization of experience and loyalty translates directly and immediately into real revenue growth;
  • The analysis indicated above concerns optimizing the experiences at one brand touchpoint, which means that a comprehensive approach to optimizing the experiences is associated with even greater growth (the synergy effect);
  • The increase in NPS has also other positive effects, such as boosting the retention and whisper marketing, which also translates into financial success.