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Customer service research

Optimization of customer service in traditional and online channels

Research on consumer experiences in contact with customer service is conducted in order to identify problems and threats that negatively affect the brand image and discourage people from shopping again. They also serve the processes of optimizing the quality of CS, including increasing the competence of consultants in various channels of contact with the customer, including e-mail, telephone, and livechat.

Channels of direct contact with the customer have the greatest impact on the perception of the brand and consumers’ future purchasing decisions. Among those who have received assistance at a sufficiently high level, the Net Promoter Score is higher by over 300% than among those who have encountered obstacles. The conversion rate among those satisfied with contact with the Customer Service Centre is higher by over 550%, which was confirmed in our case study. How to effectively use Customer Experience research to optimize customer service processes in order to reduce its maintenance costs?


Wide range of research possibilities

Customer service research is carried out after the contact between the Customer and the consultant. We can distinguish several ways of doing so, including:

  • For contacts through a livechat or botchat, the invitation to complete the survey is displayed shortly after the conversation with the consultant is finished;
  • After a telephone contact, you can send a message or a notification from a mobile app directing to the survey;
  • In e-mail contact, the respondent has the opportunity to evaluate the consultant by an invitation placed in the footer. It may take the form of emotion icons representing positive, neutral and negative emotions;
  • The CRM system will help in researching experiences in traditional points of contact (retail, service points), for which the invitation can send by phone, e-mail or notification in the mobile app. It is also possible to conduct such research through leaflets with the URL or QR code leading to the questionnaire.

Thanks to our solutions, you will find answers to such questions: Is it easy to find contact with the Customer Service? Has the consultant provided sufficient assistance? Which consultants are rated the best? How different are future behaviors of those whose problem has been solved and those who have not found the help they expected?


Advanced analytics

Thanks to advanced possibilities of collecting contextual data (consultant’s ID, conversation duration, conversation subject, order or case ID, customer ID and other parameters), it is possible to fully monitor all direct contact channels, while taking into account the context to which you can refer at any time.

This data can, therefore, be used in the incentive system, rewarding the most effective consultants and identifying topics and areas that require additional work in the form of training and workshops. A well-prepared team of specialists will positively influence the brand image and willingness to recommend your services and products. Let’s take a look at an example:

As can be seen above, the analysis of experiences with CS in the context of later behaviors shows the real impact of CX on actions. The consultant’s solution of the matter has no impact on the frequency of visits, but it has a significant impact on the willingness to buy. The consultant’s positive impact on the solution of the case can be seen over the next 4 weeks!

We provide you with an advanced analytical panel, in which you will conduct similar analyses of behavior. You will also be able to define e-mail notifications informing about key problems, as well as use the data to optimize content in the information and help sections.

Our Clients praise our professionalism and flexible approach in the implementation of CX research projects. Choose the service package that suits your needs and see for yourself!