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Mobile research

Mobile apps and websites

Over the last few years, the importance of the mobile channel has increased significantly. A mobile phone has become a pocket-sized, multifunctional computer where we search for information, shop and manage a loyalty program. The smartphone also helps us when shopping in traditional stores.

Customer Experience research helps us to understand the needs of mobile users. YourCX questionnaires are fully responsive (they adapt to devices with different screen sizes) and work on all browsers. The content of the research may correspond to those that run on traditional devices, thanks to which we can easily compare experiences through desktop/mobile segmentation. YourCX research can also be conducted within mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows.


Internet services

Mobile research within WWW services may be conducted by placing a button in a visible place, thanks to which the user may report an error or evaluate his/her previous experience at any time. The content of the survey is adjusted to the contact point at which the respondent is currently located. Therefore, we will ask other questions to someone who is browsing the search results, and other to someone who has started to fill in the basket with the intention of making a purchase.

Questions about the purpose of visits allow us to determine the needs of people visiting the website. This structure in the mobile channel may differ from the one in the desktop channel. This applies in particular to multi-channel businesses that sell both online and in traditional stores. When shopping, customers more and more often check detailed information about products, availability of products, compare prices, search for opinions, and also more often search for information about the location of the store. It is worth asking them about these experiences in order to constantly adjust the website to the changing needs of consumers.

Thanks to the information obtained, you will learn which visit objectives are easy to achieve and which users have problems with. You will then get information about the details of these problems and the real impact on conversion, loyalty, and willingness to recommend. An extremely important emotional context will allow you to optimize mobile processes in such a way that the use of the website runs smoothly, which will significantly affect the brand image and strengthen customer relations.


Mobile apps

YourCX tools will be useful in researching mobile applications. Users activating a survey placed in the application menu will be asked about the purpose of using the app and the ease of navigation. They will also share suggestions for improvements and new features. Depending on the nature of the application, you can also include any segmentation or demographic questions in the questionnaire, which will help you better understand the needs of its recipients.

Here you can download a video showing an example of the implementation of such a survey in the Play24 application of Play operator.

Can such solutions replace much more expensive research on focus groups? Definitely yes. The YourCX team’s experience so far in researching mobile applications, in which traditional research was also conducted in controlled conditions, shows that the conclusions drawn from them are similar. In addition, digital research provides real data on the needs of application users, not just feedback on navigation and usability.

You can also conduct research on mobile applications through push notifications. Thanks to the possibility of precise targeting of such research, you will reach the groups of recipients whose opinions you are most interested in at a given moment, e.g. based on demography or the way you use the application. For example, if it also serves as a loyalty card, you can direct research to the members of the program to learn more about their expectations.


Analysis and reporting

In reporting the results we segment data by desktop and mobile channels. Taking into account the context of the visit, we examine trends characteristic of specific channels and identify areas that require further work. In the case of larger research projects, we are also ready to prepare regular area reports on the mobile channel only.

Researchers working on the optimization of experiences in the mobile version of the service or mobile app can receive notifications, thanks to which reports of errors and problems will be regularly sent to their mailbox. More about the possibilities of reporting data can be found in this publication.


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