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Analysis panel

Research management and analysis of results

We develop YourCX platform according to the needs of our Clients, often market leaders. We are guided by the maxim: “nothing is impossible, it is only a matter of time and a bit of common sense”.

The YourCX administration panel for managing results was created in accordance with this maxim. We provide researchers with a set of tools enabling analysis of data at various levels of advancement. From general summaries of trends and declarative data to behavioral analyses exceeding standard web analytics, including in-depth research to meet current needs and prepare reports.

Our own administration panel will help you analyze data both at the operational level (optimization of conversion and solving current problems) and at the tactical level (focused on the analysis of the behavior of groups of clients and trend research within the last few months). You will have at your disposal a number of specialized analytical tools, thanks to which you will deepen your knowledge of the experience of respondents.

With the help of the panel you will carry out, among others:

  • Segmentation of data according to any parameters, including:
    • questions in the study (you can cross them with each other in order to search for correlations);
    • optional segments entered into the system with the research (this includes all contextual information, such as delivery method selected, basket value, names of visited pages and categories, consultant’s identifier in customer service studies, etc.);
    • technical data (everything we know about the user, including technical information about the device he or she is using, which will be helpful in identifying sources of technical problems; we even save the full source code of the page and a screenshot of the user’s view);
    • sources of visits (everything we know about the type of source, including advertising campaigns that bring the user to the online service);
    • time (you will learn how respondents respond over days, weeks, months, quarters and years, and even how the day of the week affects the level of frustration with the problems encountered);
    • the survey methodology (which can have a significant impact on the observed results, so these factors should not be forgotten).
  • Multidimensional analysis in the form of pivot tables, which will allow you to cross many data sets even more advanced, also including the above-mentioned segments. Does the superior want to know how the distribution of visit objectives in the last three months has changed among those coming from paid sources? By the way, he also wants to know the NPS indicators for each of these groups? You will obtain the data using multidimensional analyses, and the knowledge gained may then help in making decisions on allocating funds for specific advertising activities.
  • Analysis of open answers, i.e. any comments left by users. With a few clicks, you can export them to any format and use them in analysis and reporting.
  • Cohort analyses including declarative data, which will enable you to examine the impact of experience on the value of the customer in time (LTV) and analysis of groups of users in the context of their behavior in the past and future (conversions, returns).
  • Analysis of conversion funnels in terms of shopping (shopping objectives), as well as other objectives declared by visitors. So you will check, for example, what percentage of visitors, in order to find a contact, finally finds this information, or which specific stages of the purchasing process are reached by users who achieve their purchasing goals.

The capabilities of YourCX analytical panel are huge. Contact us for more information about its capabilities!

We combine online analytics (path analysis, conversion funnels, traffic sources, etc.) with a full quantitative and qualitative context.

We allow you to capture emotions and experiences at various points of contact with the brand (both online and offline).

We develop our tool completely independently, so we have full control over it.

Analysis of conversions and user paths

The tool for tracking user traffic on websites will allow you to get to know the full context associated with declarative data. By analyzing paths and segmenting them according to any filters and responses, you will be able to identify bottlenecks and effectively optimize conversion rates. More information about these tools can be found here.

Screenshot analyses

Declarative data may be supplemented by automatic or manual screenshots created by the user on the page where the study is completed. Screenshot may concern a malfunctioning area, missing descriptions or technical errors. The user is also given the option to select a specific section, which is the subject of a technical comment, and the data is additionally supplemented with a record of the source of the page for efficient identification of sources of problems.

Advanced correlations and segmentations

Advanced tools for multidimensional analysis, including pivot tables, allow for the compilation of any data and advanced analyses. The system also supports additional, arbitrary parameters, such as customer type or basket value at the time of survey completion.

Complementary data set

The collected declarative data are supplemented by additional information on the devices used by the users, traffic sources, events, conversions and others. We guarantee full context related to questionnaires. Our proprietary solutions also allow for integration with CRM or ERP systems, which gives you an ability to supplement the collected information with additional parameters.

Our Clients praise our professionalism and flexible approach in the implementation of CX research projects. Choose the service package that suits your needs and see for yourself!