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Customer Experience Analytics tools

Launch of a simple survey takes 10 minutes

You get access to dozens of survey templates which you can modify according to your research needs. Advanced editing tool will also allow you to easily customize the look and feel of the questionnaire, so that it can become an integral part of your website.

Advanced analytical system

Our analytical system is an intuitive platform for research management and data analysis. We also offer you a set of additional tools for advanced data segmentation, path analysis and categorization of open responses.

Complementary set of data

Data from surveys is supplemented by additional information about devices, traffic sources, online behavior and full context of the filling. More than that, our system can be integrated with with your CRM/ERP and Google Analytics.

User flow analysis

Our tracking tools give you the full context associated with declarative data. Analyzing visitor paths and segmenting data will let you verify your hypothesis, identify bottlenecks and effectively optimize conversion rates.

Advanced segmentations

Advanced tools for multivariate analysis (including pivot tables) lets you combine and segment data. You can also use your own additional parameters, such as customer type or cart value.

Unique benchmarks

Our KPIs and unique benchmarks will allow you to determine the position of your business in the market and identify areas that require additional work.

Screenshot creator (and more)

We give you advanced tools which you can implement into the surveys enhancing the value of gathered data. One of them is a function of making screenshots, where user can select problematic area, hide his personal info and attach additional comments.

New tools and features are still being developed in response to the goals and needs of our Clients. Sign up today and check all the possibilities!