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Omnichannel 2018: House and Garden


The Omnichannel 2018 report “House and Garden” concerns consumer relationships with companies selling a range of products related to DIY equipment, renovation, and construction. We checked how experiences and shopping habits are shaped.

Construction tools, plumbing accessories, windows and doors, finishing materials, power tools, floors and ceramics, furniture, paints and decorations, garden tools, plants, and lighting – the DIY industry we study sells a huge range of products with various uses. The specificity of some of them (their size, weight) complicates the purchase and delivery process, exposing the customer to a number of factors that may positively or negatively affect the overall image of the seller.

The report published today seeks to capture consumer experiences and preferences in the context of purchases of this type of products. We asked respondents for home and garden supplies stores where they usually shop. We also examined the quality of Customer Experience in the relationships of individual companies with their clients. We also asked about factors affecting satisfaction with traditional and internet purchases, as well as the preferred methods of contacting Customer Service.

This report also seeks to capture consumer behavior in terms of intertwined purchase channels. So we checked the scale of the ROPO and revROPO effects for this and other product categories, and also tested how respondents use mobile devices while shopping in a traditional store.

The Omnichannel 2018 report from the DIY industry is now available on our website.

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