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Omnichannel 2019 has launched


The Omnichannel 2019 survey has launched. Our respondents are asked about their shopping habits and preferences. Comparison with last year’s edition will allow us to capture the scale of recent changes in consumer behaviors and requirements.

The aim of the survey is to check how awareness, experience, and satisfaction of consumers buying in the conditions of interweaving offline and online channels are shaped. It is also an opportunity to examine the scale of the ROPO and revROPO effects. Furthermore, we will measure the Net Promoter Score for Polish market leaders in eight market segments. These include telecommunications service providers, cinema chains, travel agencies, and traditional and online drugstores.

Thanks to the Omnichannel study, we will be able to better understand the contemporary consumer, whose behaviors are changing dynamically. How does the progress of digitalization of business and culture as well as the development of technology, especially mobile devices, affect the way we look for services, offers, products and assistance? What is most important to us? You will find out in a few months!

We will present the results of our research in special market reports. Partners of this year’s edition of the Omnichannel research are T-Mobile, Play, Rossmann, Multikino, Leroy Merlin, Media Markt, They will receive individual reports with in-depth analyses within their industry. Representatives of other companies interested in cooperation have a few more days to report their willingness to participate in the survey.

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